Im going to ask for this girls number what do you guys think?

I was pursueing this girl back in highschool and honestly it didn't work because she was too young , now she's more mature and more flirty with me , we used to text but the communication wasn't good , we kept sending each other stupid messages and it led to us deleting each others numbers , now I messaged her on fb and we are responding to each other way better , but I went kinda soft on her at the end and she ignored me , I'm gonna ask for her number and send her a friend request and be more aggresive , she probably thinks im playing


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  • You should definitely just ask her for your number and be bold because you won't know until you try.

    • *just give her your number

    • true , I actually got a tattoo on my entire back I didn't tell her about yet , so I don't know why she thinks too scared to ask or speak , I mean I've been through harder stufff but thanks for the reply

    • You are very welcome and wish you the best of luck!

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