Girls, Lost and confused?

My ex girlfriend left me for her ex who is being evicted again for the 2nd time in 3 months. Is 35 and hasn't had a job since December used her to pay his bills and always seems to be calling her to bail him out of jail. But she seems not to see any of this as red flags and is always sticking up for him. I love her and deep down I want her to be happy but I don't see this ending in anything but disaster. They broke up because he was abusive and controlling threatening suicide I'd she left him. I just don't see what I did to lose her to someone with all these issues. I know I'm not perfect and have my issues but I'm lost on how I lost her. Any suggestions feeling pretty low that I lost her to this guy.


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  • The chick is crazy, consider yourself lucky that the relationship is over. Wounded people seem to attract one another.

    So ask yourself, "Was your relationship with her really that great or are you just upset she left you for a bum?"

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