What the hell do I do?

I talk to a girl almost everyday, we went out once for ice cream, recently been very flirty. However since its been hard to chill with her recently I told her to let me know if/when she wanted to chill this week. So now I have a feeling she's not gonna say anything about hanging out so if she does not - do I just let it go or would it be ok to still go for her but play hard to get and not ask to chill for a while?

I'm thinking maybe she isn't going to say something about hanging out cause maybe she feels awkward doing that (girls is that a possibility? )

What the hell do I do? I like the girl things seemed to have been going well but now that I screwed up by putting it all on her things seemed screwed up for good.


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  • I think you should ask to hang out with her again. She might just be shy to come up and plan the time or place, or she is playing hard to get. It shows that you like her and won't give up the chase (unless you want to). I think it will spark something else if you take the initiative and ask her to hang out.


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