Girl seems flaky suddenly by our 3rd date?

Ok let me summarize:

1st date: she asked me out for sushi knowing well i liked sushi and of course she did too. We both clicked and got to know each other. Flirted, laugh etc got a things in common

2nd date: i asked her out over the weekend. Picked her up at her place. Again spent 3+ hrs talking non stop, laughing, flirt etc got to know her even more about her aspirations, secrets etc. she Even paid for our meal we had haha cos i treated her last time. Again showing signs of high interest. Found out that she rarely goes out on weekends and that her oficemates were all old weird guys haha. She even asked who do i go out with usually (boys or girls)

3rd date: i asked her out again. This time she suggested a specific restaurant she wanted to go and she suggested Sunday as she says she should be free that day.

So i thought everything is going well and all is good as we were talking well and she was the one making specific dates. Then a day before our 3rd date, she told me she couldnt make it as she had some last min errands to do with her mom -..- and that she wanted a raincheck.

i was like "yeah what about next week then?" she kept quiet until i brought it up again later on where she said we can try go out next week cos for now she's not feeling so well. Which sounds to me like she's not available/ not interested? I asked her to let me know later for reconfirmation that way i won't over ask her loll

i have so many questions right now haha. Like why the sudden flake? Is she testing me? I thought all was going well with our interactions. Why would she make all these date plans then suddenly act cold? According to her status she seems to be busy/stress w work...

anyway what should i do now?


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  • Occupy your time so you will stop over analyzing every little detail. People have lives & do get busy. Don't text or call her again, she cancelled so when she's ready she can contact you.


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  • Sounds like she is uninterested and using him as a backup guy if the other dude cancels on her. So in short discard her and move onto a new chick.


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  • Low interest but doesn't mean you can't try and persuade her. It is still early in the game. She may really be busy or not feeling well.


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