Where can I meet someone?

I don't want to go online dating...
Isn't there some other way?
I don't want to be alone anymore! all my friends are married... I've been so unlucky... I'm a nice girl, I'm attractive and smart... And yet I have no one to love 😞
I'm 29... And am I already old?
I feel so old!
Am I too old to find love and start a family?

Im a 29 year old woman and I'm single... It makes me sad because soon I will be old and wrinkly and I want to spend my beauti ful years having sex with the love of my life!

next year I will be 30... Is that old?

Is is online dating the only way people my age partner up now? I hate the idea of it and I don't want to do it!

Al my friends are married and having babies... Have I missed out on this?
I'm lonely! Is this how my life will always be? Am I gonna be ugly soon?

the the body goes at 30 doesn't it? Is online my only hope? Is it already too late? I am sick of being alone!


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  • I think its a safer bet if you have some friends set you up with someone?

    I don't think dating online is your only hope... It's certainly possible to meet someone online although I've never tried any of the dating sites. You can try to go new places and start putting yourself out of your comfort zone. This will lead to meeting new people.


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  • If you have an interesting hobby, you can try going to places where people gather for it. Like a charity walk, cycling meet, craft show, book club, etc. The body doesn't go at 30, as long as you keep up with your health and fitness. If you really want children, nearing 40 for a first time mother would be more of a concern, not 30.

    • yeah but 35 is considered high risk. also she needs to find a guy first date for a number of years hope it works out and then have kids. she could easily be over 35 by the time this happens. this is why young women who want kids and a husband need to make it a priority in their late teens early twenties rather then in their early thirties.

    • @dudeman Right, that's why I said nearing 40, late 30s is a higher risk. It is still possible, however. She still has time if that is what she really wants. She needs to put herself out there (if she hasn't) and keep trying to date.

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  • sweety, i can completely understand ur concern,
    1. start praying, its hard to find a nice stable guy without god's grace.
    2. go to places like,, charity events, join classes etc, ur not going to find a nice guy at a disco or pub.
    3. have patience, coz god is watching everything,
    4. being single is better than being in a wrong relation.
    god bless u and faith in god...

  • kinda old for a chick. im your age and I more or less look for women to be 23 and younger. my suggestion to you is take some like tango classes and salsa classes. plenty of older men in those circles that would think you're a young hot babe.


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  • Actually 30 is not an old age to start dating and finding a partner for life. At 30 you should be more mature and have your head over your shoulders and financially stable to raise a family and even to purchase a home or car. You don't have to do online dating but you can go to malls, theaters, and if you see an attractive gentleman then don't be afraid to approach him.

    • Approaching strangers in public situations would be weird, don't you think?

    • 30 is pretty old for a women. that pretty much means she lost her shot if she doesn't get on this really quick. this needs to be her #1 priority right now.

    • @dudeman actually it depends on the woman and if she wants a family. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon and won't get out of med school till I was 35 and I didn't think 35 was too old.