I've had this crush... And I'm crushed. Help?

So basically, I've liked this guy for three years now... and he texted me in January 2015... and we've been chatting ever since. We literally have the best conversations ever!! they're either really deep and serious about life or just straight up hillarious - you know the ones that leave you grinning at your phone like an idiot. i felt like he was getting feelings for me... But in February he got a girlfriend, one of my good friends. But he still talked to me all the time, so I guess I was friend zoned? And he would ask me for advice about his girlfriend. And I just... And this guy asked me out - I didn't like him, and I wouldn't date someone else while I have such strong feelings for someone else - and I asked my crush how I should turn him down without sounding like a jerk. And he freaked! He was basically demanding me who asked me out. I just... I know I have it bad, guys. He's a really good friend, but I feel like I'm in love with him. He went to the lake with us, I think in August, and he was the SWEETEST! He was amazing :) I felt like he was flirting with me a little, and he was just the best! After he left that night we talked and... basically what got me going was a simple message saying: "Anyways, I'm going to head to bed. Had fun today! :) Good night!" I was so happy that night over a stupid smiley face!! Anyways, I'm stuck here, in late September, still in the same friendship and still loving him. And still seeing him & his girlfriend post pictures and crap. I don't know what top do... It really hurts not being able to do anything about it. PLEASE HELP!

Sadly, no ones helping so I guess I'll be all hopeless. Lol


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  • I totally get how you feel! I was so in love with this one guy and he gave me all these signs that made me think he was in love with me too.. and then he just left and never contacted me any more, it hurt. I still think about him and I'm obviously not over him. It must be especially hard seeing him with one of your friends, I'm sorry about that :( my advice wouldn't be to forget him because I KNOW you can't. At least, not now. I think you should choose whether you would rather have him as a friend and deal with the pain or to not see him at all. If you choose the latter, the easiest thing to do would be to tell him how you feel and that you can't just be friends with him. Try to find a new crush (celebrity or not), that really helps. And try to focus on school and your hobbies, just have fun (with your friends). What really helped me was to write down my feelings, you could keep a journal or write stories or a book with him in it. That way you can project your feelings onto the character and maybe even write something great.
    As to his behaviour, he is very misleading. But you shouldn't question whether or not he likes you. The thing is, he has a girlfriend and his behaviour is hurting you. I suggest you either keep a bit of distance or tell him how you feel. Good luck! :) xx

    • Thank you so much :) That was so helpful!! I think I don't really have a choice to not be his friend... Our families are super close, and I feel like if I told him it would make it extremely awkward, and to be honest, I don't have the guts to tell him everything. :/ I just hope one day I can, so I don't regret no letting him know before he gets married or something.

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    • Good luck! I really hope everything will work out well.

    • Thank you, me too!!

  • This is tough, it kinda sounds like he led you on, but at the same time maybe just wanted you as a friend. If he has a girlfriend, I would stop the contact , just so that you can move on.

    • I personally can't be friends with someone who I have strong feelings for

    • I have tried to move on, and I've tried that, trust me! I have tried the whole not talking to him thing, and I thought I was doing really good at it. We usually talk on facebook, and I don't really talk to anyone else on there, so I wasn't reminded. But, yesterday his family and my family had lunch and he stole my new phone and put his contact in there and took a picture for the pic. Then told me to text him... like, wth, dude, you have a girlfriend :(

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