Guys, I need you point of view?

I'm so confused about this guy.
He sometimes act like he likes me. He looks at me, his body is facing me.
Sometimes when I'm nearby him and I start talking to someone, he will turn his head really fast to look at me. Maybe because he thinks I'm talking to him? I don't know. His best friend teases me, the friend repeats some of the things I say. He tend to at look at me when I'm hugging. I like to dance he tend to look at me when I'm dancing alone or with guys or with other girls.
If we're a big group of people hanging out and he is leaving he will look at some people and then as the last person he look me in the eyes.

But this guy won't talk to me, when we first met he would talk to me. I'm the only person he won't talk to. He quit outgoing so it's a bit weird. He don't look at me when I talk to him. But if I'm talking to someone else he will look at me and listen.
I think he is giving me mixed signals. I need some amazing guys perspective on this.


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  • He does like you and is too shy to show it or act on it. He is able to converse normally with other people he has normal feelings for, even you in the beginning. Now that he has deeper feelings for you he is probably having mini panic attacks and simply too nervous to say anything to you.

    • ^^Yea he's most likely right

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    • Yeah, you might have to get some inside information from his friends to see what is going on. He may have some kind of inferiority complex issue with you too.

    • I don't think I'll get a lot of information about my guy from his friend. He is keeping some kind of distance.