Boyfriend of 6.5 years, 35 years old, still living at home with parents. No plans of proposal or moving out. How long do you wait?

Says if he was in a better financial situation he would move out. But refuses to rent an apartment says hed rather buy a house. Which i can agree on however i believe sometimes you have to start at the bottom" and move up. Grow together. I have a well paying job. I've worked hard. He complains hed want more money or a better job yet has had the same job for the last 2 maybe 3 years already. He tells me im the one that hed marry me in a heartbeat. I know our love is real. But why be so afraid or comfortable. Why not get an apartment if thats all you can afford but you can call it your own. Im really getting tired of waiting.

Not sure if this is relevant. He has a very old car given to him from family member its crap so he uses moms car. I've advised get a used affordable car but he's set on buying a brand new car no miles. doesn't seem to mind because he's never had a new car and says he wants it. Wtf. I dont understand. Immature. Sigh im venting.


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  • well you're kinda old to be marrying. that shit has pretty much sailed. statistically after this long the chance you get married are effectively zero. my suggestion date men in their forties

    • Is 30 really old? I think im at the age if thats something i want, now is the perfect time to do so. Im 30, i know what i want. But you are right im beginning to think the ship sails. Im torn

    • well its not old for a human being but its kinda old to start thinking of marriage and kids.

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  • BRAT
    Self centered
    If you fall in love with him, that will make two of you doing so

    If you rent, you can buy
    Better jobs don't come via wishing while being pampered by parents, already had the life sucked out of them once before by him

    • Already had the life sucked out of them by him once before? Not sure i understand this. I appreciate the advice

    • them = parents
      now discovering they are "in the barrel" for a 2nd tour

    • :(. Damn it! Thanks for the response :)

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  • What country do you guys live in because it makes a difference?

    • Usa.

    • Why doesn't he just get two jobs? He has much bigger problems if he is still living with his parents. Even I managed to buy a house at a young age in America working two jobs.

  • Should watch "failure to launch"


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