Girls, Why manytimes we are so stubborn?

when it comes to like or felt attracted to guys. I mean honestly Im sure you had been through that at some point. We sometimes are a bit of masoquists and lets say we dont want to give up hope on a certain guy taht we are attracted or like, because you are persistent and also because brave and people with courage take risks even if people tell us we have to forget about them, they are not worth it, but deep down in you, you know you did nothing wrong.


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  • Yes that totally me at the moment. I reaaaallllly like this guys. But I sometimes feel like I should give up already I dont even know if he is just being friendly or he likes me. But I hate myself for being stuborn I wish we could erase that feel so we dont hurt ourselves.😣☺

    • Also when you like that certain person but that guy does not communicate with you or is expressive to let you know things you need to know from him, so you wonder should I ask or I better stay quiet and move on and you know you need to know why.

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    • but he never told me why and we were going fine dont u think I need at least to know why

    • yes you maybe ask him then.