Should I wait for him? (Not date anyone untill I meet him)?

I was in an ldr with someone, but, broke up with them and wanted to try again when we meet irl. I regert my decision and want to get back together with him, but, I think it would be better to try again when we meet irl. I aksked him these questions : his answers were diffuclt to tell if he still liked me. So, should I wait for him and not date anyone untill we meet, (which could be a couple of years) or not wait for him since I am unsure if he still likes me or not?


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  • Its good to wait sometimes depending on the situation but you could only wait so long before it starts to hutrt


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  • Definitely don't wait. Like, I wouldn't even hestitate, DON'T wait. Read his answer to your questions, girl he thinks your attractive yes but doesn't want to waste his time, but likes you enough to not come out and say no.
    But its long distance.
    I think you really like him and you're worried you won't find anyone else like him so you're clinging onto this idea of him. Stop that. There are loads of other people and if you wait around for him, I promise you, you will wait around forever. 2 years? He's not even making a commitment now! He's not gonna make a commitment for 2 years time!! It's just not going to happen, the sooner you can accept that the sooner you can move on.
    Don't mean to be harsh but seems as if it's needed here. You're clinging onto a relationship that doesn't, and won't, exist. Good luck :)

    • Thank you I appreciate it. :)

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  • You need to meet people irl and date people irl.

    • I don't like anyone irl and my soical anxiety makes it hard to meet new people.

    • Then you should spend your time working on that issue because irl relationships are the only completely fulfilling ones.

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