Need Help with my Dating Profile I can't really see where I am going wrong?


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  • When I saw your profile, I thought you seemed a bit too serious... Take out the very rightmost photo. Replace it with one where you are smiling. Also, don't be afraid to show the fun side of you.

    For example, this is a good example of an exciting guy. Only problem is you can tell he isn't very serious. You need a mix of that. I would also recommend some humor.

    Oh and one more thing. Your bio is just way too long. Cut it and keep it short and sweet.


What Guys Said 1

  • You can show a great big smile in at least 1 of your pics.

    • i thought women didn't like that?

    • They love it man.

    • noted thanks the site is ridiculous i mean girls flirt with me all the time when i'm out and about but on these sites they are so picky and don't even respond at all it's frustrating