Why do guys always do this? It's been 4 years?

To make a long story short... I've known this guy since I was 16. We are 20 now. At 16 he wants too faithful to his girlfriends. Recently me and him decided to try being in a relationship together. We've always liked each other. But never got a chance being together due to us being in other relationships. It's complicated now because I moved about 20 minutes away. And I thought this was going to be a problem. But he said that he really wanted to try anyways. I feel like things are getting a bit shady. Like I'll usual spend the weekend with him. I called and texted him. No response. This is the second time he's did this. But my friends said that he was actually at a party. I don't know if I should text him like it's over. It's hard to trust someone when you have sooooo much history with them. I haven't even spoken to him in 2 days. But he will text me acting like I never tried to get in contact with him. What should I do?


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