Girls judging from these pictures, would you ever be my girl? I suffer from acne ma whole life. Will I ever find love 😩?

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  • You'll find love, but if you would like clearer skin I'd suggest seeing a dermatologist. I did and she put me on a low-dose antibiotic for 6 weeks - cleared my skin right up. It was awesome.

    • Even your acne scars? I dont believe it can be fade by creams nor capsule..

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    • No can do haha, I don't post pictures of myself on here. Good luck though.

    • Hahaha goodluck? Can i have my luck with you though? 😚

What Guys Said 1

  • You can do it, just try.

    • I have too many imperfections that makes me so insecure. I don't know if i ever can 💔