Is my female friend trying to hook up with me?

I have a female friend that I think she might like me. I liked her in the beginning but she was a bit full of herself and that turned me off.

She is an ex colleague of mine. Whenever we talked, like for example if I was sitting on the side of a table and she was in front of me, she would leave her position go do something and then come and mimic the way I was sitting looking down near me.

But on the other hand she tried to hook me up with other girls. So this means I am in the friend zone usually.

On the other hand I was at an event sponsored by the company I and her used to work at and she went to the same event. Just the two of us. I do not know if she went because I did or because she wanted. Only me and her from the company I worked for came at the event.

Now she moved away in a foreign country. I visited the town where she moves when I was on vacation. She offered to be my tour for a day. Which is a lot. I mean she wasted an entire day just to be with me.

Was that a sign of affection from her? We walked along a river and in general things that I kind of romantic, at least from my point of view.

But she doesn't hug me and she didn't try to touch me in any way. That's why I think I am in the friendzone.

At the end of the tour we went and had some tea together. I offered to pay but she denied. We each payed our share.

At the end when we departed she seemed kind of upset or closed out for no reason.

She would also try to introduce me to her friends.


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  • I don't think she's trying to hook up with you.


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