Should I text her again?

Long story short I like this girl and I told her I like and she blushed a lot blah blah and I haven't talked to her in 2 weeks cause shit has been coming up and she ignored my text but I wanna text her now cause I keep getting blocked off by friends when I wanna talk to her or she's not there that day of school so should I text her again cause I wanted to talk to her about how she feels and she is extremely shy like really shy


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  • Just text her! Make the first move and try to help her feel more comfortable. Don't give up on her if you are really interested in her.


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  • Don't message her too much or you'll kinda be seen as obsessive. You're better off speaking to her in person bud.

    • Yeah but we haven't talked in 2 weeks comepletly and she looks at me a lot and tries to look for me in the room in our class but I texted her once awhile ago and we chatted and then I texted the 2 second time like a 2 weeks ago and got no response that's why I wanna know if I should text her again

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    • You are right bout the face to face she does talk a lot better then but yeah I'll just do that thanks man

    • It's okay brother, good luck man!