Do regular guys have a shot with really hot girls, or is it a waste of time for us to ask them out?

I've had a crush on the same girl for the past year. She's insanely hot, and I can't get over her because other girls don't even compare. I've talked to her a few times, but I haven't tried to take things further because I'm worried that she's out of my league and she'll just reject me. I consider myself an attractive guy with a lot to offer a girl. The thing is, this girl is just so fine that she could literally have any guy she wants. She's single, though, which leads me to believe that she doesn't want any guy. Is it a waste of my time to ask her out?


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  • I would start with a friendship! she may not believe she is out of you're league! (my boyfriend always says i am and could have any guy but dont believe him!) so, i would start friendship, see if she's interested, and if she isn't right away, thats okay! If you're kind and a gentleman and don't try to get in her pants, she will most likely fall for you!

    • I thought it was a bad idea to become friends with a girl without making a play for her. Isn't that how guys end up in the friend zone?

    • Friendship is key to making a relationship work!!! Start as a friendship kinda deal, and you can still flirt with her, you just don't want to come off really strong when hitting on her... subtle flirtation will show you're interested without scaring her, and will also make her interested in you! And plus, being subtle in flirting will make her wonder if you like her!

  • Ask her for coffee and just a hang out to get to know eachother.. i wish guys did that more often! I feel like guys think Im out of their legue but seriously I just want a cute sweet guy to make an real effort. thats all it takes.

    • My crush is so gorgeous that it's intimidating to me. I know that girls don't judge guys strictly on looks, but it's still hard for me to believe that she would pick me out of all the other guys she could have.

    • Awwwwwe so cute!! she's lucky!