How to treat a guy who likes to be dominated in bed?

For instance, how should a woman treat them outside of the bedroom if he likes being dominated inside. Magpies you've dominating outside as well? For instance this guy I've known since jr high, every time we see eachother we have sex... He's expressed how he likes to be dominated, how do I act like that outside of the bedroom too? Like should I do the calling/texting? Or make him guess?

Please don't pay attention to magpies* lol I meant to say how can you be dominating outside of the bedroom as well.****


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  • Take control of his body parts and command him to do or not to do things.

    • I'm speaking outside of the bedroom...

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  • Im no expert but most guys that like that kinda thing like to know the rules. So showing control outside has to be very subtle. You are not out to humiliate him or make him hate you. You give a list of do's and don'ts. It's your preference. Common ones would be chastity belts. He has to ring or text at a certain random time you give him. Certain etiquette he adheres to. Like holding doors open, walking on the outside of the footpath, paying, calling you by a certain name. I am generalising here but it's common to make them wear pink thongs or granny underwear if they're bold. And the most important is communication with a look or the way you touch them. Sometimes whispering something inappropriate in the ear. You can play around with a few things as you grow as a couple and see what works as no two sub-Dom couples are the same


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  • What's a "magpie"?

    Actually, what people like in their private lives is usually NOT what they like in the public sphere, It's called "a private life" for a reason, you know...

    • I meant to say how should I act outside of the bedroom... What are some dominant things I can do/say...

    • I really doubt he wants that *in public* per se. And I suspect if your friends see how you and he are together they will put two and two together soon enough.

    • hi, can we be friend?

  • Treat him like your bitch.

    • Can you give me examples

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    • Things that I should do.. Like should I call him once in a while? Talk dirty? What?

    • Probably pull back and tell/hint that he isn't paying enough attention to your needs/wants. Needs to show more affection to you. Yeah pulling back on calls is a good idea.

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  • Oh its easy to dominate magpies outside. Just throw a stone or something into their tree, my tree now.

    • Or you know, throw bread crumbs then just as they're about to get it, pick them up. The whole (orgasm) satisfaction denial thing, that really dominates them :)

    • It was an autocorrect I meant to say how do I treat a sub man outside of the bedroom

    • haha i know im kidding, tbh outside of the bedroom they may not want to be dominated. being dominated is a sexual thing, it helps get them off, but in everyday life its a little different and instead of being dominating i think its just belittling