I really need advice on what to do with this guy... ?

Me & this guy are old friends & finally decided to start hanging out & talking. It's been great he was making me so happy we have been talking for about a month. This last Friday he came over & I gave him a present cause he's been going through a lot. Just some gift cards & workout stuff... Well after he left he texted me that night & got upset I added a guy on snapchat ( he gets jealous a lot) I deleted the guy but then he ignored me for two days.. Today he told me he couldn't do this & needs to "think" because he wants to focus on himself. He told me that I'm the nicest girl he's ever talked to & no one has ever treated him so good.. But yet he needs time.. I told him I would give him time but I'm hurt & confused.. I want to work things out with him.. You think I have a shot or is he just over it.. Should I wait to hear from him or give up? Please help.


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  • In my past experiences, a guy who says he "needs to think" means he isn't interested... Now, that doesn't mean he isn't... with him going through a lot he may need space and time to think... Some people are like that.. i would give him space and try not to get your hopes up...