Dealing with the question 'does she have a boyfriend'... what to do?

so i have this new coworker, she is just beautifull, lovely and super sweet and kind.
i've never had a date in my life and what not and the only girls i asked out (which all declined lol) were all from online dating sites. where its obvious that they would be single. now after meeting this girl 'in real life', i really really want to take her out! i dont really know how to ask her out, but im really worried about the fact that she might have a boyfriend... because which cute girl doesn't have a boyfriend, right?

so what do you think is better? wait a bit more, till i find out if she does have a boyfriend or not? if so, how could i find out?
or should i just straight up ask her?


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  • you could just do a little bit of small talk and work ur way around the subject. if she's super committed she'll offer the information without you having to ask straight out.
    but if a boyfriend never comes up you could always just ask casually. that way you dont sound creepy or anything.


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