This guy saw me at a store and asked my number and asked me out, I said yes, but why am I not excited for our date?

he saw me and couldnt stop looking at me and finding excuses to talk to me, he asked my number i gave it and then we texted each other back and forth and he said he likes me and asked me out i said okay why not... he also texts me a lot good morning and good night and i feel like i should be happy he's chasing me and pursuing me, but for some reason im not excited for our date, im nervous and scared it won't go well. i find him very attractive but may be his personality im not sold on...
i still think about the guy i used to have deep feelings for i loved his personality and humor and intelligence and this guy lacks it... should i still go on a date?


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  • Lol, who said that you have to be excited to date someone. You are you and if you ain't feeling it than you ain't. You shouldn't feel bad


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