Why doesn't he cut all ties if he is annoyed?

I had loved a guy a lot. I proposed him but he rejected me somehow by saying he can't marry me out of his parents' choice. On the other hand he kept on calling me, kept on talking me as well. I used to be extremely careful in expressing my affection, and once I said to him I feel odd to express my heart when he had 'rejected' me. He said, "Let me tell u I have never rejected any one in my life. I dont feel myself too high in standard. There are certain family traditions which bound me." The guy is extremely emotional as well. I felt something bad from his end, so I blocked his number from WhatsApp. The next day I saw him blocked my number too. I asked him why did he do it. He said because you did it first. And then he told me that people are gossiping about him because if me so I should stop doing this to him. and That its nit wrong to have any feelings but imposing them is WRONG. I was astonished at all this. Afterwards I called him after 4 days but he did not attend. Neither did he reply to my SMS. But Im still surprised why hasn't he removed me from Facebook yet? Is there any hidden love in his heart for me (which he avoids showing)?


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  • You seem to be making things very difficult for him. He has to stay loyal to his family and their tradition, but he also has strong feelings for you. Their is nothing wrong with the way you feel, but you need to stop being so selfish and understand his side of the situation.


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  • He IS in love with you. He is just not man enough to tell his parents to suck it. You are better off without that guy. Find someone who can make decisions for himself...


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