Should I make a move on a girl that has a boyfriend?

Before you scroll down to reply and scream no at me just hear me out. She has a "boyfriend" but they barely do anything together. My friend group knows her well and some of my guy friends claim that her boyfriend is a duchebag and that they have been on and off. They always insist that she should break up with him for good, but I don't know. I'm not 100% attracted to her because she isn't exactly my type of girl (I tend to prefer extremely beautiful, smart, and mysterious girls). She is pretty smart and she is very beautiful, but she is kind of like a sterotypical highschool girl with other things (I don't mean to sound mean or insulting). Either way I catch her looking at me ALL the time in class and after we met at my birthday party she friended me on Facebook and followed me on instagram that very night after the party (I know you can't base attraction on that but they are subtle hints). I feel like she might turn out to be the type of girl I'm looking for if I become better friends with her and get to know her more, so should I even though she's still in a dying relationship?


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  • Don't be a douchebag

    • Well I'm trying to be friends right now and see how it goes from there. I'm not going to steal her from him, but if she chooses to break up then so be it.

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  • Go for it, my last girlfriend had a boyfriend and dumped him for me. by the way we were going out for two months before they broke up.

  • no never don't do it

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