Should I ask this girl to be my date to homecoming in person or online?

I want to ask aout this girl trinity to homecoming and I'm afriad to ask her because she already turned down a guy claiming she didn't know him. I don't know what to think about her. Should I ask in person with a rose or send the message and wait for a responce online? Or ask her out what should I say?

  • Message her through facebook and wait
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  • Ask her in person
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  • or just ask her out ( what should I say?)
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  • Asking someone out online is bad move. Especially if you speak to this girl everyday. Like @AleDeEurope wrote it's a cowardly move and you increase your chances of getting a rejection. You don't have to do one of these big "homecoming or prom proposals" you see posted online. Your original idea with a rose is just fine. Good luck!!


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  • Well, does she know you?
    Do it in person, online seems cowardly and not something a gentleman would do.


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