Is he ignoring me, busy, or does he just not like me?

So around Sept10th I got set up by my roommate's friend. He asked me out to breakfast and we had a great time. Two days later he suggested a movie so we went out. It was an amazing date. We talked about everything, we kissed a lot (he was my first kiss), and we hit it off. He told me he really liked me. The next night he came over to my room and we watch Netflix and made out. He wanted to go farther but since Im a virgin I knew that I wasn't ready and he was totally cool with that. We cuddled and talked about us. When he left it seemed like everything was fine. The entire next week I didn't here anything from him. I didn't think that was werid because he told me he was a bad texter since the beginning. So I asked him out for Friday (Sept18th) and we made the plans for lunch. He ended up canceling on me the day of for something he probably knew he had prior. The next day I found out from my roommate that he told another person that he didn't think we were going to work out. I HATE rumors so I knew I needed to talk to him. I texted him asking to go to lunch the next day so we did (Sept20th) After a normal lunch I told him what I heard. He said that that wasn't what he said, and that what he said was that he wants to keep it casual. I'm totally okay with that because Im not ready for a serious relationship. So we said goodbye and it seemed like everything was okay. Since then i've gotten nothing, its been about a week. I asked him to hang out during the week but he said he wasn't feeling well. And I texted him "hey, wahts up" the other day but he didn't answer. And i've seen him in passing a couple of time however he either didn't see me or he was ignoring me. I know that he is busy with his play rehearsals so that might be it but i dont know. I really like this boy and I thought that he liked me too. I don't want to leave this unresolved either because I'm not the person to be able to just stop talking to him

  • Should I give him time and then ask him out again?
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  • Should I give him time and then if I don't here from him ask him what is going on?
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We hung out tonight like nothing was different and we made plans to hang out again. I think its just that he's really busy.


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  • I know your feeling, I'm the kind of person that needs closure as well. Well, from what I understand from what you said, this guy is not interested in you. It seems he wanted sex but since you're not ready for it (which is fine) he is respecting you. Don't contact him anymore, you did your part. I know it's frustrating, but the more you go after him, the more he is going to pull away.

    • I would have thought the same thing if we didn't talk about sex. When I told him that I didn't want at that specific time he was totally cool about it, and we just continued making out. Then when we were talking/cuddeling I told him that i do want it soon and he was so sweet about it. He said asked me if I was sure i was ready. He didn't seem like sex was all he wanted at all

    • You were there, you know better than me. But now, let him come to you.

    • Your definitely right. Thank you so much for your advice:)

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