Help my crush asked me to study over the weekend?

Soon umm any tips? What should I do?

I've crushed on her for a longtime and we are good friends. I've been trying to find away to hang with her out of school. Welp today she told me we were gonna go study for midterms at the library. She didn't ask lol she just told me I was going already and she excessively used "fam" like she was tryna cover.

Anyways her female friend is gonna be there too (I know her too) but I really wanna somehow turn this into a fun day and spend time with her.

Me and her talked a lot in class since her female friend wasn't there and she stood or sat pretty close. I kinda get lost in her big hazel eyes a lot when she talks to me so I hope I don't mess up lol. Help? Some things I could do?

P. S. I think I ugly compared to her so I dunno why she talks to me


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  • Be yourself, that's it. Don't be afraid of what you want to say. And maybe after, if you can get her by herself, you can ask her out for some later time.