Who gets the nod?

Who comes first fiance or parents and siblings and why and in what way?


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  • If I was truly in love with my fiancee and her me it would be my fiancée because I live with her

    • Yeah i agree once im serious with someone in that i know im gonna spend my life with them they come first they are my family

    • Are you having problems in that area?

    • No? I was just curious what you guys think?

What Girls Said 1

  • Well in my case, my parents, I live with them.

    Once married, my husband.❤

    • Is it bad that im not married and i live with my parents but i still put my boyfriend first

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    • Well thats normal for her to do that she is going to marry him why shouldn't she put him first?

    • In what ways does she put him first

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