Does Girls care about the FIRST (1) DATE etc?

Question, does girls care about where to go on the 1st date, and how expensive the place you go?
Normally on the 1st date,
I will usually go on a coffee date on 3pm-4pm 1st, to see whether there's chemistry going on,
a) It prevents spending too much money on someone if who didn't 'click' with you. We both may separate in own ways after that.
b) If it clicks, we usually do other activities like going to shopping mall, park in the night etc.

I try not to ''do a research'' before meeting her, ie planning to go which expensive cafe.. cause it kinda makes me nervous.


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  • The less formal the better. I hate the cliche first dates that are no good but just get people nervous.

    • she called me asked me whether want to hang out at night after i called her she didn't pick up when she was coming back from work. Don't know whether it's a date or just she being spontaneous.

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