Why did I keep meeting cruel men when I use to talk to guys?(I'm still straight just not dating right now)?

The parentheses part is not a question. I noticed that most of the guys not all I met have turned out to be mean and evil as their true colors

im not mean and evil so I wonder why I attracted most men that seemed like they had no remorse for doing me wrong

I know some people say men have a hard time expressing their feelings but this is different.

When those guys did me wrong they "kicked me while I was down" (not literally kick) but it was like overkill


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  • Due to the budding aspects of computers, consoles, texting and mobile phones, social skills are dying out. Most men are now seeking advice online on how to treat women and unfortunately most of the advice out there is to treat women very poorly. It stems from the ethos of 'treat them mean to keep them keen' and as a lot of internet debate and whinging relates to 'nice guys finish last' we now have this crisis of masculinity which results in men believing you have to be bad to be male. It is really quite funny to observe until you are subject to the fallout of this.

    It is important not to rush with men. Most women test men automatically these days to try to glean what a male is like. Unfortunately there are also people explaining how to avoid and pass these tests to lull a woman in until she falls for the man. Attraction is not a choice, although getting involved with those you are attracted to is. I cannot really offer any advice except to try not to go too deeply or commit to quickly to a man. It is important that you wait to see what they are like in the majority of situations no matter how deeply you feel for them.


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  • Where are you meeting them? How are you meeting them? Try different types and places next time

    • Really that's the most generic answer

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