Would we make a good couple?

I'm not going to say much because im going to bed,

there's this girl in my school i like, we are almost exactly the same in personality..
we haven't spoken because we are both shy but we have had a couple of glances and smiles at eachother
sounds like a good thing right?

but there's a few but big differences..
we are different races... i know this isn't bad but I've been rejected and turned down so many times because of my race so im not sure if her family would accept me... i know she doesn't care she has more friends that are my race than her own lol

and she's really small like 100 pounds small and she's a good 5"6

me on the other hand dont feel comfortable sayiing my weight but im in the 200
and i'm 6"0

good couple?

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  • I'm going into a maybe category! You need to push your shyness aside (which is hard because I'm shy) and go talk to her!


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  • Hell if I know I don't know the girl, ask her out if she says no then there's your answer.

  • Exactly the same personality is a bad thing that has a high likelihood of ruining a relationship. You're likely too weak personality wise.

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