He played me even though I have never done him wrong, why?

First of all, I forgive him, and I am not angry, just still sad, and don't understand what he gets out of playing with my feelings? I have never said a cross word or done anything wrong to him.

He is 34 years old, I met him online, a paid online dating website, but this is a REAL person: I know his sister's married name, his brother in laws name, his dad's name, his mom's name, his mom's email address, his parents home phone number, his email address, his mailing/ primary residence address, the place of his employment, his date of birth, his first, middle, and last names. I even met his sister over web cam. We talked everyday, he is the one that initiated texts and calls. He calls me and talk to me up to one hour at a time, sends me pictures of himself (clean pictures) nearly everyday, he told me me he likes me, web cam with me, tells me I am "his" cutie, calls me baby, tells me I am pretty, and proceeded to tell me that he wants to meet me and said he was interviewing for a job in my city and was coming in person for a final interview, etc.

Two months ago, he went on vacation with his parents and asked for my address, multiple times, and said he was gonna send me a post card... the post card never came. This went on for 5 months, then he promised to meet me in person one weekend, then he won't comfirm plans for meeting up, he will text me goodnight, every ngiht and said he was gonna call me the next day, but he never called the week leading up to the promised meeting, until that weekend we are suppose to meet he'd still text me good morning, then he just never talked to me again, faded out on me as if he never existed.

I thought was I falling in love with him and really wanted to meet him in person. I just don't understand why anyone would spend 5 months to play with a girl's feeling. It really hurts that he lied to me for FIVE months about how he likes me, when he obviously doesn't care about me, not one bit.

Is there any other reasonable explanation for his behavior besides that he is a liar and a manipulator?


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  • look for a man in a bible school, a christian universiry or someone with deep christian religion roots and mindset theyr much more faithful.

    • He is Christian

    • Your not a christian by birth or by family trait you can't call yourself a cristian just by going to to church or reading a few pages on the bible, if you live by the rules of the book your a true a christian and im sure you would know about it, let me show you a few good deeds, a true christian would do. help the poor, defend the weak, visit the ill, be faithful to your wife love your parents... etct.. basically the ten commandment.
      beign christian should not be a title unfortunatly most do take it as a simple title to describe ones identity or background.

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