Meeting online boyfriend? having a WTF moment..

Okay. So I met this man completely innocently on our favorite bands website. Chatting on PM, then IM, then by phone. 8 months later and we have been a happy long distance, never-been-in-the-same-room couple. I am so ready to take our relationship to the next level. Before you ask. I am 24 he is 29. We have both been through the ringer with relationships. This is my fist online relationship and I feel incredibly out of whack.

What I am used to is seeing someone, being attracted, getting to know them, and going from there. This is completely twisted. I know him inside and out (probably better then ANY of my exes) but still I fear that I won't get that spark because of how backwards long distance online relationships are.

I'm not a bad looking chick. I'm not a supermodel either. I tend to be really insecure about my looks thanks to having two sisters.

I want him to feel that spark for me as much as I want to for him.

I just realized I'm not even asking a question here. I am having a mini meltdown haha.

OK, Okay here's a question:

Anyone have an online relationship successfully transfer to a real live physical one?


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  • My sister met her now husband online on AIM by randomly adding people from the area and chatting with them. She was I think 19 back then, he was 23. They chatted for months online, then met - got along. Dated 4/5 years. Got married in 2008 when she was 24 and have a boy now. So.. for them it worked!


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  • I met my fiance on MySpace :) I love him.

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