Where can to find really intelligent independent girls?

I'm into science and I would like to find a matching partner. For me it is often annoying to interact with people who do not think (rational) to the same extent I do. I also do not see a reason to consider friendship or more with that kind of people.
Women are often concerned about looks or fashion -I DO prefer a girl who is above such things - who doesn't need longer in the bathroom then I do. I want somebody who does not waste her time on fashion, series and other superficial, irrelevant things.
I want a girl who can think on her own; someone who can draw her own conclusions and does not follow others. Someone who is also curious about what is happening around her / in the world and wants to understand relations/consequences.
I do find such people in science and I think science is the place which attracts intelligent, rational-thinking people, however most of them are male. It's not that I would be to shy to go out -I dance, do sports, travel around, participate in student societies - It's more that most girls just feel so annoyingly stupid. Maybe that improves as they mature...
Another point is that girl usually score better by improving their appearance than by cultivating their intelligence. I do not like that, but it is at it is.


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  • In general, you sound like kind of a condescending person. Maybe you are just expressing a little frustration that you haven't found someone you feel compatible with, but whatever. Society is full of dynamic interesting people and the don't all have to be your soul mate. Believe it or not, there are plenty of women out there that can discuss all the science and technical stuff you want and still be interested in fashion and all the superficial things you are so concerned about, and that makes them more dynamic and interesting than... well others that can't keep up. If you are in college it might take a bit for the gals to get where you want them, but you aren't going to find them if you act like you are fighting the seagulls for a meal at the garbage dump.

    • I found some. I also have a girlfriend like this since one month, but I'll leave the country soon, so does she. It's just that I see a lot of guys who would make a great partner (from their intelligence, morals, value, mindset)- just that they are guys and I am not gay. I am wondering why the gender ratio is that off...

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    • Fashion, make up in my opinion is just a waste of time and ressources. Furthermore it is not your own independent thinking. You follow trends. You follow others. You kind of subordinate your own needs/comfort to please others (like high heels; or tight jeans; belly free tops). I do not like brands - and fashion is based on brands - I do not see why I should spend money for their marketing for their revenue - There is other things where I would spend more resources on (on a global scale) -like research, like exploring Mars, like defeating hunger, deseases.

      I am also against traditional gender roles. I think to some extent they are biological -I will never carry out a baby or give milk... so women have to do some tasks men cannot.
      But women still can contribute to tackle problems to tackle problems we all are facing - but they don't -at least not to the same extent men do. Things like climate change... or also important revolutionary things like the internet are mainly men developped.

    • I think that it's position of personal principle that you are taking. I totally get the desire to want life to have meaning, that your ideas and actions can be translated into something helpful and meaningful to society. I struggle with this in my own life, much less worry about the women around me. For example, I work on some things that are really intended to entertain people. They buy them for the purpose of entertainment, nothing else and I love my job. I am a very technical person, I hold a BSEE with a minor in Math and a BSCS and an MBA. I use all of these things in my job. Yet I often wonder if my work has purpose and value. On the surface i's really just a toy, it's not like finding a cure for malaria or developing rockets that will take people to the moon or mars or beyond. Underneath the surface of that toy though is a lot of technology that leads the field and opens up communication, security finds new ways of allowing people to interact with the world around them.