Anyone else here openly discriminate on hardcore feminist?

I believe in gender roles. My mom is an educated woman who takes care of my father who is also educated. She made him dinner and served him a beer after a long days work. My mom would do the laundry for us during the week and cook also. She cleaned on the weekends and still made time for us. I don't understand what the issue is. It's in our biology for a woman to be submissive to her man and a man to be dominant to his woman. Why are we trying to take this away? It has worked for thousands of years. If a man was cleaning and doing your laundry and cooking in the household.. let's be honest laides you would resent him and lose respect for him. It would be emasculating. Gender roles are needed in my opinion.

I've also noticed these femnist woman seem to believe that they can completley negate their gender roles but will continue to shame us if we don't fufill ours. How many times have you asked a man to provide hardware services around the house.. or lift a heavy object.. or change the oil in your car. We would be fcking pssys if we said no that is offensive. Yet if we ask a woman do serve a meal they tell us we can do it ourselves.

I've dated a femnist before.. she was an accountant.. thought since she was educated and makes decent money she would call all the shots. She couldn't win me over.. I never budged.. that woman is so depressed and lonely today.. she wonders fcking why. It's honestly astonishing on how some women think they are so self entitled today.

Just a little rant. Any thoughts?

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I don't know why you guys are getting so offended by what I have to say? I understand it's a sensitive topic. I'm not forcing my viewpoints upon you. This is GAG and you are welcome to date how you like. I'm simply stating how I think it should be.
Lol Just fcking L o L at all these white knights. Look's like I created a haven to desperate men to join in a conversation promoting women rights to impress all these GAG chicks. Behind clothes doors I'm sure they agree with me.


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  • I'm in the middle tbh, I love to cook and I love to cook for my partner, family and friends so I have no issue with putting dinner on the table however I don't like to do it 7 days a week, in my relationship I like to encourage equal parts to everything like sharing the cooking, I'll probably do it 5 nights out of 7 since I love it so much and my partner can cook us a meal the other 2 nights, same as cleaning like doing the dishes, one week he does, the other week I do, he enjoys cleaning because he's a little OCD so he tends to want to do the cleaning more, but we take it in turns cleaning the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, lounge etc. When it comes to anything mechanical and plumbing unfortunately I don't know much about either and my partner is always keen to do it himself and doesn't usually want me to help either lol.

    I believe you can share responsibilities and if you don't it can stress the relationship and bitter pathetic fights can arise such as "I am always cleaning up after you I am sick of it, you, this relationship I'm done" or "I'm always fixing stuff around here, always fixing your car for you I'm sick of it next time go to a mechanic I'm done"

    I really think in this day and age things can be shared, women aren't slaves to men, and men aren't slaves to women.


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  • You are misunderstanding the gender roles. Yes they are there for a reason yes they are based off of biology however there is no dominance and submission but a give and take. In some respects a man is dominant in others the woman. A man relies on the woman for nurturing/maternal care/emotional support as well as reproductive rights and in turn the woman gets the protection and provisions of the male. This is an equatable arrangment for both parties. Women being "submissive" to the man was only in that they acknowledged his role as providor and protector, if they attempted to usurp his authority in these matters it would destroy the balance of the relationship. Men and women are dependent on each other but for different reasons and yes this is not a bad thing. Women are not men men are not women, women cannot do it all otherwise we would not require eachother, we would not be a two gender species but a single one. Obviously there is merit to the system that we have been using since the advent of civillization and with its break down (as can be seen currently) a detriment to the individuals and society as a whole occurs. So yes I am against feminism for this and many many other things, they have never been about equality (otherwise women would be getting fewer privlidges not more) and they have misrepresented the truth (when not out right lying) which is always detrimental to society.

    • I disagree with someone can't do it all. A lot of people do it all, lots of single parents "do it all". They work, they take care of their children, they cook, clean etc. Your life isn't going to fall apart because your wife didn't cook dinner or because your husband didn't change the oil in the car. Order take out and go to Autozone, those things are petty and shouldn't mean anything when it comes to a relationship.

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    • @GirlsLie Yeah I hate this site, it always freaks out on me.

    • I understand what you're saying but I think it's impossible to tell just how much gender actually impacts us and our personalities/traits under the circumstances still. And I think it's wrong to suggest that people be given a list of chores based on their gender and that's exactly what the Asker was doing.

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  • You dont think you sound entitled?

    • I'm entitled to my gender role. Are you entitled to yours?

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    • @Eric644 I am not defending him, I am merely pointing out the fact that you where making assumptions. One of those is that division of labor is equivalent to inequality despite the fact that our entire society functions on this premise. If you are good at one thing and bad at another it makes sense to focus on the good then the bad while having some one else bolster your weakness as you bloster theirs. That is what gender roles are, we are biologicly different to an extreme degree (the genetic similarity between same gender is 99%, between different genders 97% the difference between a human and a chimpanzee) we are built for different tasks and as such it would make sense to do the tasks with which we are designed to accomplish rather then doing the ones some one else is designed to deal with. This doesn't mean that men cannot participate in house work but there is a reason that it is divided by gender and to ignore that simply because it is old or "archaic" would be like

    • @Eric644 "throwing the baby out with the bath water" so to speak. It existed at a time where a mistep would result in death, if it survived that era then it is worth looking deeper into the subject rather then assuming that it must be wrong and immoral because its old.

  • I'm sorry but doing other's laundry, cleaning a house and taking care of kids, would be the one thing that would depress me the most in life honestly. I can't think of a more horrible relationship/situation to be in personally.

    Relationships are supposed to be fun, you're supposed to love the other person's company, you don't need a personal maid. It's sad to see so many people fixated on such petty stupid things like laundry and cooking.

    • Honestly I find people who think like you so simple, you claim that you an your parents are educated, yet they never taught you that not everyone has to live THEIR life the way that YOU choose.

      All the education in the world can't fix ignorance apparently.

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    • Yes, because you want someone to clean for you for free, a women is only a maid in your eyes. And that is funny because slave owners made that same argument "but we provide them shelter". Get over yourself, grow up and man up, you are a child.

    • @Eric644 I don't know if your actually reading what your righting how is a fair trade "free"? If a man does something for a woman and she does something in return how is that equatable to slavery? Is that not a fair exchange of goods and services? IF she has agreed to such an arrangment then why would it be unfair, why would the man be viewed negatively? Would you view the woman in a equally negative light? Would she be nothing more then a child too?

  • No thanks. I would rather die a million times in increasingly gruesome ways than stand the mind-numbing boredom of being a housewife. Why bother to get an engineering education if I'm never going to use it?

    • but to guys like this, women should not go to school in make something out of themselves, he should just move to Saudi Arabia

    • and make something out of themselves i meant

  • If you're ok with your gender roles, why are you trying to convince others how they should live their life?

    Personally, I don't think in terms of submissive/dominant. If anyone wants to refer to gender roles with labels, I don't want to date him. In a relationship both have their qualities and it complements as a team work.

    No one is forced to follow any rule just because you say that's how things should be.

    • Nope, I don't think lowly of men that want to contribute in the household. If I were working all day long, coming super tired and found him sitting on the couch doing nothing but demanding to be fed because I'm a woman and suppose to be submissive, he can take a hike.

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    • @GirlsLie So you don't depend on any one else? The police department? The government? Farmers who provide you your food? Doctors? Firemen? Garbagemen? Construction workers? Factory workers that create pretty much everything you use? We live in a society because we need eachother, there is nothing in our society that could be created with out the aid of others so claiming independence is to claim to not belong to society and again also ignores all of the people who educated you adn passed on there knowledge all the people (parents) who fed/protected/raised you etc. We very much need each other there is no such thing as independent as it pertains to humanitiy. Want is not a very strong feeling, if we wanted eachother we wouldn't fight so hard to be with people of hte oppisite gender, we need each other. This is fairly apparent so I would ask why you are afraid of this idea? Why do you think that needing eachother is something to avoid? Do you believe it equals weakness?

    • You mean people who are being paid to do a job? lol that's not nearly the same. And we pay taxes to pay those salaries the majority of the time, don't we?

      I think people should stay away from the word "need" once they're an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. I don't want to be needed by anyone and I don't need anyone, is it nice to have someone? of course it is. But when you start placing gender roles on people based on "need" as an adult, it's laughable, especially to people who have and still do everything for themselves.

  • A man cleaning and doing laundry sounds pretty attractive to me considering I'm no good at it and aren't really interested. Gender roles are stupid. Just do what you want and what you enjoy without forcing your partner into a box they don't like and you're good to go.

    • agree!!! relationships are a partnership, and unlike this guy who is stuck in the 50's, i do not like the idea of sitting on my ass drinking a beer while the woman is slaving her ass off cleaning, i like to actually help out and do things with her, i love cooking for women and they love it too.

  • "If a man was cleaning and doing your laundry and cooking in the household.. let's be honest laides you would resent him and lose respect for him."

    actually if a guy has good hygiene and takes care of himself i will do the opposite of resentment.

    "It's in our biology for a woman to be submissive to her man and a man to be dominant to his woman. Why are we trying to take this away? It has worked for thousands of years."

    actually thousands of years ago many clans and tribes were run by women. not that todays society should have a matriarchy.

    i love to cook and am talented at it (i was culinary student of the year for my senior year at my high school) i don't have a problem cooking for men its only a problem when they force me to. i believe in this day and age things should be shared because if my non-existent boyfriend does not know how to cook what is he going to do when i am sick with the flu? because when i get the flu it is fives times worse than when anybody else has it and i am very contagious the last time i had it, i could not move and was extremely fatigued.
    i have to admit i resent hardcore feminists especially when they protest the right to walk around topless when we have bigger problems like child marriage

    • actually if a guy has good hygiene and takes care of himself i will do the opposite of resentment.

      Okay you know this is complete bullshit in your head. A man can't make you feel feminine and feel like a woman who is protected and secure if he is doing your laundry and cooking your food and serving you a beer after work. No fcking way a woman would respect a man like that. You said non existent boyfriend.. once you get in a relationship you will know this to be true. You would completely resent him.. lose respect.. get bored.. and it would lead to breakup or infidelity. L o fcking L.

      Many clubs and tribes were run by women. Maybe somewhere in deep deep history this is true but i
      m sincerely doubting that 'many' is accurate.

      Sure if you were my girlfriend and you had the flu I would take care of you.. Nothing wrong with that.

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    • yep!!! my parents have been married for 30 years as well and my father helps out around the house

    • and yep, it is still talking lol

  • I don't completely agree with that. Most women wouldn't think bad of a guy who did house cleaning or cooked. That's pretty hot if he did. Why would we want the guys to do everything? That would make us feel useless and weak. At least I would. I would at least attempt to try and do things myself. If I honestly can't then I will ask for help but then have them teach me how to do it. So in the future I could do it myself. I don't want to have to rely on them 24/7. Why can't it be more like team work? Instead of one being more dominant than the other?

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Sad people actually think like this.

    • How is it sad? Lol. This is how I was brought up and how all my friends were brought up. We're all pretty successful and happy people.

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    • As for technology: "ENIAC was designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert of the University of Pennsylvania, U. S.[11] The team of design engineers assisting the development included Robert F. Shaw (function tables), Jeffrey Chuan Chu (divider/square-rooter), Thomas Kite Sharpless (master programmer), Arthur Burks (multiplier), Harry Huskey (reader/printer) and Jack Davis (accumulators). In 1946, the researchers resigned from the University of Pennsylvania and formed the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation." women helping with the eniac computer is different then designing and creating it. Steve Wozniak who invented the desktop computer, Nicolai Tesla who invented the radio alternating current etc. Currently less then 10% of all patents are filed by women. Again the suggestion of a grand conspiracy that all (or most) men are apart of seems a bit far fetched, unless you can provide evidence of such a conspiracy? Otherwise Occams Razor would be applicable.

  • I agree with you. Growing up i always see my mother taking care of my dad and her kids, even tho we have maids and all she always makes time to make us breakfast, even until now 20 years later she still does that. So yea I believe in gender roles, i dont get why some women these days think like that :s

  • If a man was cleaning and doing your laundry and cooking in the household.. let's be honest laides you would resent him and lose respect for him

    IF A MAN WOULD NOT DO THESE THINGS I WOULDN'T EVEN CONSIDER HIM FOR A RELATIONSHIP - it's okay, dude, come back to the real world when you're ready :)

    • Lol. See what I am. everyone is saying I'm forcing my views upon everyone else yet if you disagree with me I'm wrong and on another planet. I'm entitled to my views.

    • yes because your views are archaic and have no place in today's society

  • I agree with you. Unfortunately, gag is littered with those Kind of feminists.

    I consider myself as a feminist too, but not a hardcore feminazi. I believe in gender equality, which means I'm also willing to do what is typically a guy thing. But guys have to be able to make his own meals and mend his own clothes, for example. Everyone's gotta be independent and not stick on to outdated gender roles.

    I don't mind paying for dates, although I usually let the guy decide (for his pride's sake) to go dutch or to pay. I would put my wallet on the table as a sign that I'm OK with going dutch. If he pays, I will pay for the next thing and will not take a no.

    I will also work if I could find work. So my husband doesn't have to be the sole bread winner of the family. And should he lose his job, I would still have income we could rely on. Support each other. That's what I believe in. Regardless of gender.

  • I believe the word you are supposed to use is... Dominant. She wont' budge. Now suck it up.

  • Meh, I'd rather be happy with a life that doesn't stick to stereotypical gender roles over a life I am not satisfied with where I do stick to gender roles.

  • A man who is capable of taking care of himself and into teamwork is more of a turn on to most women. More and more men feel the same about women. My last few bfs said they wouldn't date women who wouldn't work, for instance. Being expected to take care of someone puts them at the level of a child.

    Work together to get chores done and you'll have more time, energy and mutual connection for fun recreation and sex.

    • but i think that's what he wants he wants to be treated like a spoiled child and have another mommy.

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    • Lol. Those are all my titles. EX football/wrestling/engineer/bodybuilder

    • I already had quite a few nice girls, I think the one that is a virgin is you.

  • You clearly have no understanding of females. You say that it's best for women to be submissive to men, and you're wondering why we're trying to change that now. Perhaps it's because we're tired of being viewed as submissive to men. Maybe not all women fit our gender role. Not every woman wants to get married, or have kids, or cook dinner every night, or clean up after a family. I honestly don't. Also, I don't think any woman would complain about a man who cooks and cleans for her. I hate cooking and cleaning, so a guy who likes to do that sounds like a dream come true. I don't think I've ever asked a guy to do any hardware or heavy lifting. Not every feminist is depressed and lonely. Guys like you who think women are subservient to men is the reason why we need feminism. So fuck gender roles and let people make their own choices.

  • If it's in our biology women would never reject it , and you wouldn't find feminists at all ,
    Just because something is common doesn't mean it's "in our biology"
    Hundreds of years ago it was common for white people to buy and sell black people , but none really think it's in our biology , and if it is , you wouldn't find a black person rejecting being a slave!
    It's called "racism" and you should have advised your father to help your mother at kitchen instead of being proud to make her a servant for the whole family!

  • Mankind has been outside of our natural biology fo thousands of years. Since we started living in houses and the invention of farming.

  • You sound like an entitled, whiny brat who belongs in the previous century.


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  • My dick doesn't determine what sort of personality, behaviors, or lifestyle I should abide by. Fuck off.

    • Yes because only your penis determines this.. Yep one sexual organ. Not personality/behavior traits that are developed from your hormones. Take my statement and turn into a vague asinine rebuttal. Sure lol.

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    • @hellionthesage ""if this was not the case we would all be pansexual""

      Not true, the primary purpose of sexuality is reproduction, and if you cannot reproduce with someone, normally there is no point in having sex with them (unless your brain is wired "incorrectly" as is the case with homosexuality). Basically, you can't normally put your penis inside a penis, and you definitely cannot achieve the expected result. No matter how feminine a guy is, I still wouldn't want to have sex with them.

      That, and the ability to cook is typically seen as attractive in either sex, regardless that is more "nurturing and maintenance". As I said, it's more likely to be due to those women trying to please their partner more as they see more value in traditional roles which includes sexually satisfying their mate; which the "true liberals of today" or whatever seem to label as "unimportant and just one more thing you can do with your partner when you are bored". I'll never understand that thinking.

    • @Mesonfielde So a man in all respects with the exception of having female genitalia is attractive to you? Do you believe a straight woman would be attracted to some one who was a woman in all respects with the exception of genitalia? To suggest there is nothing more to it then reproduction ignores all of our biological differences. They exist for a reason, breasts to nurse, muscles to protect etc. They are for the roles we are designated by biology not society. Wanting to mute them or ignore them will not change that. Male and female reproduction is complicated with the dependency period and resoureces required by the female and the minimal risk to men (and by extention low value of there reproductive cells) this has resulted in the designation of certain attributes that create a balance between genders. Each one has something the other wants and as such have created a different but equal exchange of services/resources which is what we call gender roles.

  • "I believe in gender roles" Any guy with that mindset right there should build a bridge and get over it already like @gapminder always says on here LOL.

    Because you're basically admitting to me/us, that see women as nothing more or less than BABY MAKING MACHINEs/live in prostitute to use as you see/saw fit whenever possible -_-.

    "Why are we trying to take this away?" Because maybe that shit is played out + unless it's physical labor girls can do just as much as we can in this or that field, right?

    And overall why would any girl in her right mind be okay with cleaning yo nasty ass BOXERS all day long? All while you were allowed to enjoy a night out on the town with your friends on top of working a cool job throughout the day. I mean I'm sure that crap (stay at home mom) got old pretty fast + had to have been depressing as fuck. Since you had to rely on your MAN to give you everything EVEN though you could have gone to earn it on your own but society wouldn't let them for some dumb reason LOL ^_^

    "It has worked for thousands of years" That only happened because we as men oppressed them to the point where they didn't have any other choice but to be our little bitches or starve to death #SadButTrue -_- You can call me a white knight all ya want, but I don't agree with another human being treated as a piece of meat/expected to do this or that all because of their genitals.

    • And overall why would any girl in her right mind be okay with cleaning yo nasty ass BOXERS all day long. All while you were allowed to enjoy a night out on the town with your friends on top of working a cool job throu ghout the day?


    • Right like all you live for is cleaning yo man's shit stains, and assuming the position for him to lay pipe all damn day.

    • @gapminder HAHAHAHAH I always love reading your comments because you say exactly what the fuck my black ass be thinking while typing this shit up HAHAHAH

  • Dude, wake the f**** up, this isn't the 1950's anymore, women can have jobs and can hold positions of power. Your "women should only be at home, bitch make me a sandwich" thing is messed up. Women are not our property and you need to understand that, women are human beings like you and me that deserve to be respected. You can clean up your own mess and you can cook your own damn meal. A woman only has to cook for her man IF SHE FREAKING WANTS TOO, how bout you make your woman a meal for once. And i don't like modern 3rd wave feminists because they are about misandry and they are going beyond fighting for equality. But i do support moderate feminists who want equal rights for both men and women. it's men like you that beat up their women because "she needs to be put in her place". If you don't value your woman for the PERSON she is and you feel that the only thing a woman is good for is to stay at home and cook and clean for you, then I feel sorry for you. A relationship is a partnership, so both should be doing the cleaning, and both should take turns in cooking.

    • wow, I love how you call us "White Knights", no, behind doors I still disagree with you and think "how can there be idiots like this in the world". Do us a favor and grow the f**** up and be a man, a woman is not meant to be your babysitter, do your own g damn chores. And quit with this whole dominant alpha crap, it doesn't make you a man

    • Lol. You are the epitome of a victimized man who is conforming to their ways because you are so desperate. Who said I'm lazy? I just graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering and I'm getting ready for grad school. You are a fcking white knight and women will always take advantage of you for that reason. I guarantee you I have more women in my life than you and guess what.. I call the shots and they let me do so. Are you jealous?

    • Lol, yeah right dude, you are a spoiled child not a man, yes you want your woman to clean your messes, cook for you every day. Real men do their own damn laundry. And shut up with this white knight crap!! You have a problem with men that treat their women right and doesn't beat the crap out of them, then you are no man in my books. Oh funny because I've been with a decent amount of women in my life. Women like confidence not someone who wants to dominate them and force them to clean their little messes. Next time you say white knight or I'm alpha, I just take it as lonely virgin boy who can't get a woman so he feels the way he can get them is to dehumanize them. Let me guess, are you Latino?

  • ""Why are we trying to take this away?""

    Because this exists only in the mind of those who were raised to believe this, but didn't really bother to question if it's true.

    And I actually don't see why a woman would have to respect that someone is unwilling to help with cooking, cleaning, AND doing the laundry. I read an article before about how women actually have a harder time to find a decent partner nowadays because of males who cling to gender roles, because women are looking for an adult companion and partner; and NOT an overgrown baby they have to cater for and take care of.

    • I agree, a girlfriend or wife is a companion, not a freaking babysitter

  • I'm fine with lifting heavy objects. I like cars, knives, hiking, camping, video games, and other assorted manly stuff, but I also like jewelry, cooking, architecture, and clothing, so, um, yeah.

    I'm just kinda cool with people doing whatever they want to with their lives as long as it doesn't hurt anyone/anything.

  • Well I belive in gender roles can a man learn to cook sure but its a very feminine thing to take care of the family.. a woman giving her husband a meal, back or a beer after a long days work is not a gender role, it's called appreciation.

    Any man who respects his woman and love her and his family over all else deserves at least a woman who cooks for him and pampers him every now and then

  • If your mother was happy with traditional gender roles, that's okay. But if a woman is not happy with those, there is no need for her to follow them.

  • I agree. I'm fine with the feminists that simply want people to be allowed to live as they wish. But so many feminists are on a crusade to destroy gender roles, using as many shaming tactics as they can against people who fit them. I avoid them completely. I honestly don't think there's a bigger turn off than a woman being a radical feminist.

    • This guy isn't taking about people being allowed to live as they wish. he's talking about people living as he see fit. I don't mind if you agree with him what I'd like to know is How do you agree if supppsedly your main concern is freedom?

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    • you're free to find the girl you want just like I want a man that doesn't put any labels and contributes equally in the relationship, that wouldn't mind helping out in the household if he isn't working at the moment, not a man that just stands there, watching... I would help out with the bills too.

    • Vesuvius87 I wouldn't ever state the labels in a relationship or say that she had to be submissive for me. I've just found that most women prefer and are much happier when you lead them in relationships. That doesn't mean I won't ever help out with cleaning/cooking. I love cooking and I don't mind cleaning.

      Despite what most women assume I'm going on about here, I don't want a slave that does everything for me. It's just that the power dynamic of me leading and her following leads to the happiest and longest lasting relationships.