How do I know if he likes me?

We met mutual friends and Twitter we actually we can feel each other just as friends but close I could tell he liked me this was about 4 years ago leave talked we hung out a little bit he seems kind of mysterious he's super cool we are the same sign we don't talk about personal things in our life which I would want to but I feel as if he is guarded. We got sexual a few times never any sleeping over or anything. He is to call me a lot and text me a lot and I kind of stop answering because I got back with my boyfriend he never knew anything about that stuff he used to kind of bug me and away so I kind of fell back a little bit we stop talking as much to the point where are we didn't talk to each other at all he moved away he started getting money and doing good he got sick I reached out he still seems distant one day I found out that he deleted me from Facebook but when I said something to him he added me back our birthdays came up we started talking about his endeavors and he says that I don't support him I'm trying to do so I've seen him twice since I could kind of feel by his body language like he kind of was happy to see me the first time second time he kind of like texting my hair and caress my face and looked at me kinda weird he's so mysterious I feel like he likes me but he's kind of blocking it am I reading too much and it should I go forward to get back in close with him in actually move farther than we did before or should I just play it cool and see what he does?

We are very much alike so I know he isn't good with expressing himself. I noticed that every time he's kind of trying to show that he likes me he kind of retract it in a way of like joking or something
And me I don't really say anything I just say things that would make you think so maybe she does care cuz if she didn't you wouldn't say those things


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  • It sounds like neither of you really know where you stand. You should talk to him about it so you can clear it up, but make sure you know what you want before you talk to him.


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  • I don't read descriptions that don't have punctuation.

    • Then why answer?

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    • I didn't read it at all when I saw there was no Punch at ion

    • Well you see you comment needs some as well goodbye

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