Me and my ex girlfriend still text every single day for hours. why?

for hours at a time we text, every day, since the day we broke up. why?


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  • You still are hooked at the hip in His and Her history, you both cannot seem to let go just yet, and I believe deep down as you push a button on both your end, you will either go back together or remain a friend.
    You have this amazing chemistry that may even work better being Apart but still be linked in Heart.
    Good luck. xx


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  • We need more info on this. Why did you two break up? Who broke up with who?

    • she broke up with me because i left my facebook open at her house and she read messages of me saying some not so nice things about her. we were together about 6 months

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    • if she told me to come over at 2am i wouldn't mind

    • I think its best that you are broken up

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