How to ask a girl out via text?

Hi, I've been talking to this girl via text and I wanna ask her out, but I'm not sure about what to text exactly. I want her to understand that I'm asking her out, but I don't wanna become weird by overromanticizing it. What should I text her? Any exact text ideas will be much helpful.
Thanks in advance :D

More ideas please...
Actually, the question is a little out of date now. I have asked her out and we set up a date. I was like "we should get something to drink some time" and she agreed.


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  • Something like: hi, there's a nice place I went to eat last week which is really nice. You want to come with me? I'll treat you!!
    (Then after she replies)

    You do know it's a date right?

    ^ how's that?

    • It's pretty good actually, but i don't know any places at all. It's really hard to even ask a girl out when you're a socially awkward guy, you know. Anyway, thank you very much :D

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  • Mmm... tell her you had plans to go somewhere but your friend bailed out on you, use that as an excuse. Ask her if she wouldn't mind going with you instead xD

    • I don't think it can work, because the spring is really striking where i am and i don't have any activity to attend. None at all. Thank you though :D

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  • "Hey Boo can I holla atchu rit quick?"

  • Well first don't EVER do it over text, do it in person and be excited but not over excited about it. GRAB COFFEE first as a pre date and. Get to know each other a little better than now and after the coffee date then go out on a full date. Just BE CASUAL and be cool, don't act needy or desperate. Be like we should meet up sometime and then let's grab coffee or would you wanna grab coffee? Then take it from there

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