Girls, Can I still ask her out?

Soo if a girl is not showing any interest in me, but we have known each other for a while, can I still ask her out? I did this recently and I got rejected, still quite upset about it. I have never met someone where we mutually liked each other, this is why I have no option but to go for girls that show no signs of interest in me, hoping to build up a relationship slowly with them. I can't even get a single date with a girl. People get upset because they can't get a girlfriend, I can't even get a date... Can I please get some help. Thanks


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  • I think you should cease the opportunity to ask out not just girls you know , but women you encounter on a daily basis. Whether that be while walking down the street , grocery shopping , on the train , laundromat , mall etc.
    Strike up a quick friendly conversation then get to the point. Ask the girl out on a date.
    You wheel yourself into starting a convo initially by giving the girl a compliment.
    Some girls may reject you.
    If they do, understand there's more than one reason for declining to exchange numbers

    A - maybe she's in a relationship
    B - maybe she's not ready for one
    C -maybe she isn't heterosexual etc.
    A woman saying "no" doesn't always necessarily mean she doesn't like you.
    Even if that is the case quickly brush it off and move on.
    The more you ask out , the better your chances.
    Good luck on already having the guts to ask girls that you know out.
    You just need to carry that out in aspects of everyday life to have better changes of getting a date.

    • Really, Soo your saying I can pretty much ask anyone out

  • I don't see why not! I mean, it's worth a shot right? And are you sure she doesn't show any interest at all?

    • Yeah never had anyone interested