Guys, if your boyfriend does not text you for days because of his carpel tunnel syndrome... But u can see him online on social media and other apps?

Is he lying... Or is he playing some stupid game?


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  • I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • True... But it seems like he is not interested or does not care about me.. Right

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    • He is playing the victim to get you off his back when in reality (I am positive), you are right about his intentions but he obviously doesn't want to reveal said intentions because it makes him look like a bad person.

    • When i was with him last time. He was in pain. Had to massage his hands. But now the fact he is not adding me on instagram and put me on his limited profile on facebook... Bc i can see his public posts but not what he posts to his friends so i did the same thing to him... Not sure if he's trying to pull away... Or what.. Is the issue but im staying calm..

  • I mean.. if he's playing a game.. I wouldn't worry too much.. it's better than him cheating or something... I think the mistake we make way too often is.. not giving our partners space.

    • But it shows he does not like me or is. Not. Interested in me at all. Right? ...

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