Guys, when you break up with someone do you miss them?

My boyfriend and I broke up a week ago and haven't spoken since. He inituated the breakup and I agreed to it. No harsh words or fighting happened. We've agreed to stay in touch occasionally and I am not going to talk to him for at least a month for the sake of my well being. I miss him so much I ache. Guys when you break up with a girl you care about and like a lot, do you miss her? even if you know logically you two aren't meant for each other?


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  • Yes I did a little bit.

    • Did you contact her? are you friends with her still?

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    • I'm so sorry. I wish you the best of luck! you'll find the right girl. My ex told me he's staying single for awhile and I think he needs to. He has to much baggage for a relationship.

    • Thank you for that, human kindness towards one another, complete strangers, makes me smile.

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