Does he like me? And if he does how do I make him chase me? This guy is driving me pretty mad?

The question is about this guy at my school.. His name is Stefan. He's one year older then me and he appears a bit mysterious. I've always found him very attractive and there's not a girl at my school that wouldn't like him. In the past years I caught him glancing my way a lot of times but nothing special. Then last year we were officially introduced at a party and I was surprised to realize how shy he was! He always appeard really confident and why wouldn't he be? He's gorgeous and he's visting one of the hardest schools in our country so I assume he's quite smart as well. But no. Still he appears to be shy. (?)
So anyways... This school year he stares at me all the time and smiles everytime I see him.. He always says hi, but when he does its shy and quiet, but at the same time mysterious and hot, especially because of the way he looks. He also wears leader jackets and every day he comes to school with his motorbike. I would say that he's a bad boy and not a shy boy... and that's one of the reasons why I like him even more.. Because he appears to be something that he actually isn't. He's a mystery. And a mystery that's driving me mad!
Now I just want to know if he likes me... What do these stares mean and these shy hello's. I wish he would do something or approach me in some way but he does nothing. Do you have any suggestions?
Oh and I go to a lot of parties all the time, but he's nowhere to be seen, so that's even harder... At a party I would approach him with no difficulty.. But like this? Not so much.
Thanks for your help in advance! :)


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  • It is possible he does, give his friends a hint that they will relay back to him.


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  • This sounds tough! Stares can mean a lot of things! It could be that he is just a very observant person, thats how I am, I find myself staring at anyone and everyone. Or he may be trying to figure you out, find out what you act like around your friends and in class. Staring is quiet a joy, especially from a hot guy, right? Anyway, but it sounds like he likes you, or is at least crushing, if he smiles there is definetly something there.

    He doesn't smile for no reason, he's smiling because he's thinking about you ;)

    • Yeah I know... but last time I was sitting in class, the doors were open and he was sitting on a bench outside in the right position to look at me.. And he was just looking! I felt awkward and I had no idea what to do haha plus I don't hang out with any of his friends so I can't find out what's his deal and I don't know how to show him that I like him, because I only see him at school in the hallways and that's all :( Yeah when he smiles and says hi I do the same but that could only mean that I'm being friendly and that doesn't show anything :/

    • You should try to talk to him! I know it's nerve wracking, but it's worth it in the end right? Give him subtle hints that you like him, grin at him from affar glance at him more often, etc. :)

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  • Other than talking to him what's your alternative? Brain waves? You're going to have to be the one to break the ice. When he's staring smile and wave at him


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