Why is it ok for a black girl to say that she doesn't date white guys, but a white guy who doesn't date black girls is automatically labeled a racist?

I've noticed that in a lot of the racial preference questions on GAG, any white guy who says that he doesn't date black girls is reflexively labeled a racist, whereas black girls are free to have any exclusionary preference they so choose. The fact is, most black girls don't date white guys. If we apply this "logic" evenly, then all of these black women are racist for wanting to date only black men. I've even seen takes on GAG in which the author tries to cast all racial preference as racist.

Let's get real: people like what they like. Most people are going to date within their racial group because that is what they like. Asian girls like Asian guys. Black girls like black guys. And white girls like white guys, and vice versa. If we ever become so infected by the PC that we legislate dating choices, it's time to blow this country up and start over again.


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  • Because we still live in a standard where whites people can't be proud of their race

    • I think that's true. I would never want to have a family with a person of another race because of all the problems that brings, but that is somehow racist of me. It's a double standard.

    • I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to date your own race. I don't think that's racist no matter who is doing it. As long as you don't hate anyone because of it, do what you want. I really don't care you know? Live and let live.