Do popular girls ever date unpopular guys?

I know I'm in college now and high school is over, but it still seems like there's a popular crowd on my campus. These are mostly the social butterflies, greeks, and other high-profile people. The girl I like is a varsity cheerleader and a member of student government. She's got tons of friends and is crazy beautiful. I see her around often, though, and we've even had a class together. I especially see her in the campus rec center working out and lifting weights. I would do anything to be with her, but I don't think it's likely to ever happen.

I'm not unattractive at all, but I am a quiet and somewhat shy guy. I've done a lot to improve my attractiveness since I was in high school. I've lost all my fat and I lift weights religiously so that I have more muscle and better physical well-being. I can talk to girls, but I'm not one of those really outgoing entertainer type guys. Do girls like my crush ever go for reserved, socially unpopular guys like me?


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  • Some do but most usually dont