Girls, why should I prioritize her feelings over my confusion, I've been told not to ask questions to not make it awkward to her but it's hurting me?

We're friends... and honestly if she doesn't like me romantically and whatever, yeah it will suck, but I'd like her to at least tell me... I know there's some feminist shit people will say that she doesn't owe me shit... and to a point I agree... she doesn't owe me a relationship, she doesn't owe me her time, she doesn't owe me friendship... But we've been through shit... and I've grown to care for her and maybe she doesn't owe an answer, but don't I at least have the right to ask her why?

I do care about her feelings... and I don't want to make her uncomfortable... but her saying one day that she's into me, another that I'm among the best friends she's had, then seemingly avoiding me out of nowhere... it's honestly nerve racking...


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  • You shouldn't put yourself first