Is this 80/20 rule about the # of guys who gets girls actually right or just a bunch of bullshit?

Obviously the marriage statistics dont back this up but think about high school and college and tell me if 20 percent of guys truly get 80 percent of the girls.


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  • I consider it a bunch of bullshit. Just look around you and judge on your own.


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  • I think you have to say it's more like 20% of the guys get 80% of the HOT girls. Then it's probably true. And in fact you might say it's 5% of the guys.

    • Ahhh i see. I guess that makes more sense.

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    • Oh I prefer the stone cold foxes!

    • Lol, never heard that before.

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  • This is only true if this means 80% of the girls who are considered 9s and 10s, not all girls in general?