Do girls look down on otherwise productive, active, caring guys who happen to smoke a lot of pot?

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  • No, I don't do drugs but I don't look down on them for it. It's their life and their choice. Nothing to do with me.

    • You do realize it has everything to do you with eventually? I mean unless you break up with him before it becomes serious.

      If you're loved one has an addiction... you will be faced with it numerous times.

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  • But mainly because I haven't met any super productive and active guys who smoke a lot of pot. .

  • It's the main reason why I broke up with my boyfriend.

    He wouldn't do anything/go out with me (besides his job, and his favorite hobby besides weed) after a month of dating. He just wanted to eat, have sex really lazily, lay around, and smoke pot. And if I had known he smoked it daily before, I never would have started something with him.

    Dealing with addictions that severe is not something I have time for.

  • Yes they do. That is poor judgment and shows immaturity. We think to ourselves what other day decisions is he capable of making. Hummm?


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