She said she's not sure if she likes me, and she has a boyfriend, but she still flirts with me?

she blows me kisses, strokes my head, stares at me, laughs, smiles etc. what should i do? just ignore her?


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  • Lol i see questions like this all the time on here... have the sense to realize when a girl has a boyfriend or is married you should immediatly back away and ignore them, don't pay them any attention, these type of girls are ether cheaters or are just messing with you, since this girl is laughing at you it's clear she is just messiing with you... but don't encourage people like this... cheater or messing... don't be an enabler.

    • so its not at all possible to like someone else other than her bf?

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    • no she laughs at the funny things i say.. she dont just laugh at me without me talking.

    • If she likes you or not you don't have a chance, and are you really going to wait and wait just hoping she would break up with her bf? that isn't really a nice thing to think about her and rather selfish, move on... find another girl who is actually single, you will be waiting there for a million years... lol, you probably don't know a lot about her ether so you can't assume she would break up with her boyfriend for you or that she is that kind of girl, but if she is well... she isn't the catch you think she is because she will only cheat on you as well, save yourseld the heart break and move on.

  • Yes. She has a boyfriend, as you said. Do you like cheaters, or would you like to be cheated on? If no, then try not to encourage that kind of behavior in others.


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