My ex is using Instagram, though he didn't use it before... What does it mean*?

This may sound like a pretty stupid question... well it probably does lol :P But the thing is that my ex is back with his ex and while he was with me he wouldn't use Instagram at all and when I would ask why, he'd say, because It's nothing special and I prefer snapchat. But these days he doesn't post anything on snapchat and In the past four days he posted already three pictures on Insta and that's a record. I mean yeah he had posts from before, but while he was with me he posted only one pick and that was of his dog. Oh and he never erased his ex'es picture from Insta by the way, but I didn't care, because on the picture you could see her with his dog and below written ''Ty's bitches'' kind of mean.. But not that it matters...
Anyway why is he posting pictures all of a sudden hah? What's your opinion?


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  • Why are you even bothered? lol he is your ex... move on... that's his buisness nobody else's... people have such a wild imagination these days where they make far too many assumptions about others, and they are usualy always wrong, your trying to do the same thing, just leave him be, let him live his life and focus on your own, the fact you even tracked him down on Instagram is quite creepy... don't be this kind of person, get to know people for the REAL them, but if your no longer in contact with him then why worry? are you thinking just because he didn't post all these pictures with you that he didn't like you are all while you were with him?, i think that's an assumption too, not all people like to post on social media sites, i'm on facebook but i don't post photos... i only have 2 photos of myself which are totally private than only a small group of people out of my friends list can see and i don't post selfies or show off posting about my food... lol, if i have something to say i just say it in words... but i don't brag about stuff ether... these days people even assume that just because you don't do this stuff you must be "weird", that there MUST be something wrong with you and that your some how hiding something... lol not at all... we just know what people are like... and we know social media sites can be a lot of drama...

    • No the thing is that I still am in contact with him.. And not because I would leave HIM alone, but the other way around... He's the one who texts me or snaps me.. And three days ago he clicked me on fb asking me if one of his friends really flirted with me. I got angry because he has no right to ask so I went to his insta out of curiosity nothing else... I do miss him a bit.. but just because after I almost forget him he does something to make me remember.
      And I do understand that not all people post on social medias, don't misunderstand me. I just found it odd that he does now after such a long period of time. That's all :)

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    • Yes I couldn't agree more! We don't talk anymore and I haven't seen him for a while now... Which is really weird because I'm not used to it, but I also know that things are better this way. I'm dating someone new and I just hope that when he finds out he doesn't write to me about it. Because once he did. He saw me with someone at a park and he took a picture of us, sent it to me on snapchat saying ''Why don't you kiss him, he looks sad''. I obviously didn't reply, but still.. the point is that he just couldn't help himself. He had to say something, even if it was utterly childish.

    • I don't stay in contact even with people i had crushes on and they didn't like me back because they know i liked them so it's just weird for the both of us and i know he definitely didn't find that amusing seeing as people tend to make up a lot of things about me... so i just stay away from any guy i like because the othe girls are nosy and watch how i interact with every individual person i talk to and if they get 1 inckling i like a guy they tell them rubbish and they believe them... i avoid them because i don't know why i have a crush on them if they believe others so easily lol but i know later on when i don't it will just be too weird anyways... plus because i know if i don't pull myself away i will become a habit of wanting to see him and talk to him every day (even when i know nothing about them), not going down that path again... lol and i won't help my case ether because of what people say... nether is you ex helping himself so i think just block your ex so he don't bother u.

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  • I don't think it means anything. I wouldn't read into it if I were you.

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