Can't read my ex. Kinda want to. Any helpful people out there?

So long story short: we broke up in April. By June, I had unfriended and blocked him from Facebook because things got so ugly between us - he still remains deleted and blocked to this day.

However, I didn't cut him out of my life because I wanted to. I cut him out because he was being so mean and resentful towards me after we split that I couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, I see him around sometimes because he works in my local superstore. When we first split, there was no eye contact between us. If anything, we'd exchange bitter looks.

However more recently, I've noticed he's been looking in my direction more and shooting glances at me now and then.

The few times I've (not purposefully) made eye contact with him, he looks at me with his eyebrows slightly raised and eyes wide open with not quite a smile, but not quite a resting face either.

Today I caught him glancing a few times when I was in shopping and trying to catch my eye, but I'm still too scared to look up at him. I had to walk past him to get to the aisle I needed to go to, when he was talking to one of the managers, and that's when he tried to look at me.

I do want to sort things out at some point, it's just I need help with reading him from a 3rd person perspective. I don't know if he'd be open to me or not and that's what I want to figure out.



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  • It does sound as if he has calmed down some what , maybe not warmed up to the whole situation just yet but not filled with rage any more. It should be safe to maybe wave at him the next time you see him just to get a read on his reaction


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