Girls, what trait makes a guy good looking?

If you had to choose only ONE physical trait that contributes the MOST to making a guy good looking, what would that be? If your answer isn't listed, post it in the comments.

  • His teeth are white and / or has a nice smile.
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  • He has a full head of hair.
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  • He has facial hair.
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  • He has pretty eyes.
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  • He is at least 4 in / 10cm taller than you.
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  • He is physically fit.
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  • He has defined cheekbones, jawbones, etc.
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  • Uhh, there is no 1 thing, but I voted for hair since I'm a sucker for hair.


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What Girls Said 2

  • B, D and F

  • D- eyes are the thing I'm most attracted to.

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