OH MY GOD MY CRUSH KISSED ME? Also what does he mean by this? please some answer? ANYONE? and I want good answers?

Well today we went to the woods and I put a blanket that I normally bring on the ground and we laid down in it and cuddled together, I pretended to fall asleep to see if he was trustworthy and he laughed, and started stroking my back, held my hand and kissed my head several times. I then really did fall asleep and he said how i accidentally poked his butt while asleep, and said he was trying hard not to laugh. As he walked me back to my dads car and we were holding hands, he also gave me a long kiss on the cheek and said I look cute when asleep and hot when I wake up.
and I asked "are you my bunny?"
And he says " yes, and you're my bunny. And together we shall rule the world"


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  • He was just being cute. It feels like you just needed to tell everyone that you have a boyfriend. So congratulations ! Lots of love ! ;-)

    • wel I don't think he's my boyfriend..

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    • You're my bunny, I'm your bunny. It seems clear to me...
      Do you want to be with him or not? Why do you youngsters make it so complicated?

    • could you pm me? my username is goodles23

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  • Well, it sounds like he's into you!


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  • Well, then I guess you are his bunny! Now go rule the world.

    Thanks for this cute story.

  • I think it's uh pretty safe to say he's into you, no one with platonic feelings would do that.


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